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Some searches require more than others. More time. More speed. More dedication. More flexibility. More confidentiality. For these types of situations, an Executive / Retained Search might be the solution for you.

Executive / Retained Search solutions require more of a commitment on the part of the client and the recruiter.The stakes are higher for both parties as there is a certain amount of risk involved.

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Situations that may call for a Executive / Retained Search include:

  • You need to fill an executive level position within your organization
  • You need to replace the person currently filling a position
  • You have a position that requires a candidate with a specific, specialized skill set
  • You have to fill a position in which confidentiality is paramount
  • You have an urgent search, at any level, where time is a critical factor

Advantages of a Executive / Retained Search:

  • Top Priority – you receive a dedicated team of recruiters, exclusively working on your search until it is completed
  • Time Management – we work with you at the beginning of the search to develop a customized time table to complete the search based on your needs
  • Full Service - you gain access to highest levels of staffing services available
  • Single Source Contact – not juggling candidates from several vendors and seeing many duplicates (not seeing same candidates over and over from several vendors) (work exclusively with us)
  • Scalable Solution – project team can grow or shrink depending on the changing needs of the search
  • Candidate Exclusivity – any candidate presented to you during the search will not be presented to anyone else during that time

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